2018 is the 6th year of NusantaRun.

#PowerOfContribution is this event’s theme based on the idea that everyone can contribute in countless ways.

Do you have a skill that you want to share? Do you have a passion you would like to share with others? You can make a decision to be part of this family right now. Let’s move together for a better education of Indonesia. As we all know, education is one of our basic needs. That’s why we must have a proper education for our next generation. Ensuring that all children have the access to good education opportunities without exception.

Evipania Suryantika Tatum

I feel that volunteering is always been a part of us as a human. I think we are designed to help each other. There's still a hope that a good education can be accessible by all Indonesians through NusantaRun.

Nuri Arunbiarti

I'm very delighted to meet many different people from various backgrounds and cultures while volunteering. Being a part of NusantaRun makes me realize that it’s not only a running movement, but also a education movement for a better Indonesia.

Moerat Sitompul

I personally believe that people are inherently good. I volunteer because I want to support in any way that I can. There is still a hope for education in Indonesia through NusantaRun.